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Online orders is not possible for it is not inclduing freight fee ! This website displayed exw-price is for customer reference only! Does not include freight fee. Please contact us for inquiries.;

Payment Method

NOTE: We will not make any changes to the account. Whether it is TT wire transfer or online payment through payoneer, beneficiary name: Henan Hiya Mechanical Equipment Co   Ltd. In the trading process, anyone who is sent to your beneficiary name is diifer or tell your that payment account number changes, please immediately stop payment, and inform us.(Do not send payment information to anyone except our )

1. Bank Wire Transfer (TT)

We support USD Currency payment for global country ( Except for countries sanctioned by the United States)
BENEFICIARY NAME: Henan Hiya Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Note:For orders below $1000, we need to add the bank charge fee:Free in the US payment;Europe add 10USD bank charge; India add 20USD bank charges;Middle East and other countries add 15USD bank charges.

The handling fee paid by the customer is only the transit fee from the home country to the United States; Bank of America to our account, it still charges, our account to china,it still charges. that is the bank charges.Usually after you pay, 20-40USD will be deducted from our account,so for small orders, we need customers to bear half of the cost.

2. Small Amount Payment

Western Union


3. Our Recommended Payment Method: Online Payment by Payoneer( VISA, Debit Card, Credit Card.etc)

  1. We do not support Paypal payment, Paypal basically no risk control measures and but has excessive handling fee.
  2. Why we use payoneer?  The registration review of company accounts is very strict, and each transaction has a risk control review. Therefore we recommend a small amount of payment, choose payoneer.

How to use payoneer to pay?

  1. If the company pays, Please provide us company name, payer first name, last name; company web; e-mail;  we will make a payment request to the email, u can use the paymentlink of payoneer to make payment.
  2. if personal payment:Please provide payer first name, last name; e-mail;  we will make a payment request to the email, u can use the paymentlink of payonnner to make payment.
  3. Note! If paying by credit card, there will be a 3% handling fee,  Please choose to pay by yourself. If you choose the payee to pay, we have the right to refuse the delivery.    When you open the payment link, you need to enter a password on the bottom line. Please note that it is not to enter your email password!!! That is payoneer creates an account for you by default and requires you to set a password.  We recommend that you sign up to pay with a payoneer account. This is free and the fastest. Available in almost all countries in the world.
payment fee
payment fee

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Supported currencies. EUR, AUD, GBP, USD, JPY, CAD, SGD . 

it can  receive USD dollars, EUR, AUD, GBP, CAD, SGD.

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