welcome to VRMRO.COM
VRMRO.COM is a professional MRO ⟨Manufacture, Repair, Operation (MRO)⟩platform for spare parts used in industrial production factories.
The products are related to pneumatic equipments,hydraulic equipment and components,electromechanical equipment,industrial valves, machine tools, instrumentation,concrete batching plant accessories, blow molding machine accessories, rubber factory/cement factory accessories, HVAC parts,wear parts, and even our production technology transfer.









Who we are?

Originally we were a motor manufacturing factory started in 2001,In 2014, we ware established a foreign trade company to operate motor export business.(IE2, IE3 induction motor;ZD, YEZ cone rotor brake motor)

ZD brake motor use for crane hoist; YEZ brake usr for concrete mixer hoist.

As business develops,more and more customers ask us to help them purchase accessories for concrete batching plants.

What We Do?

In order to give customers a better choice of various categories of accessories, we have established the first platform:www.mech-mall.com in 2015;

In 2016, we differentiated a professional construction machinery accessories platform:www.mechmall.com

During this process, with the help of our customers, we continued to expand our business and began to transition to a supply chain management company.

What We Will Do?

1. We focus on solving the overseas maintenance and operation parts of products made in China. Save the problem which difficult to obtain maintenance services locally.

2. We will build a drawing data sharing network platform,for many customers lack reference documents such as drawings of accessories during product design or repair and maintenance.

3.We plan to set up a technical team to make product inspection and maintenance videos to help customers more directly.