Mexico's anti-dumping measures against China's semi steel tires, preliminary ruling announced

On April 5th, the Mexican investigative agency issued a preliminary ruling on the anti-dumping investigation of passenger cars and light truck tires from China, ruling that the investigated products imported from China pose a threat of harm to the domestic industry in Mexico. At the same time, it was decided not to impose temporary anti-dumping duties temporarily (within a period of about six months from the initial to final determination). The Chinese side has 20 working days to submit the preliminary judgment for evaluation, and the corresponding evaluation deadline is May 6, 2024.
It is understood that in the preliminary ruling of the Mexican investigative agency, only the threat of damage was identified and temporary measures were decided not to be implemented, indicating that the industry's non damage defense work organized by the China Rubber Industry Association (CRIA) has played a certain role.
On April 5, 2023, the Mexican investigative agency initiated an anti-dumping investigation on passenger cars and light truck tires imported from China, in response to the request of the applicant (Bridgestone, Tornel, Macquarie, Michelin) and their representative, the National Rubber Industry Association of Mexico (CNIH).
The dumping investigation period of this case is from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022, and the damage analysis period is from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2022.

In this case, 39 exporters entered the investigation process on time and appropriately, of which more than 30 were producers. The investigating authority was unable to calculate a separate dumping margin for each of them, so it restricted the review to the top six export manufacturers with the highest proportion of exports, namely Zhengdao Tire, Zhaoqing Junhong, Wanli Tire, Shandong Haohua, Shandong Linglong, and Shandong Changfeng.
Among them, Shandong Linglong, Shandong Changfeng, and Wanli Tire respectively obtained their own initial dumping margins. For Zhengdao Tire, Zhaoqing Junhong, and Shandong Haohua, the investigating authority preliminarily determined in the preliminary determination that the information submitted by these companies could not meet the requirements for calculating the dumping margin, and applied the dumping margin of Wanli Tire to them.
According to the announcement, the investigating authority accepts subsequent comments on the preliminary determination and provides additional information. Relevant enterprises can use this opportunity to correct relevant information and strive for their own tax rates. The dumping margins obtained by other participating companies but not sampled are the weighted average of the dumping margins obtained by the sampled companies. Enterprises that did not participate in the lawsuit shall be subject to the highest initial determination in this case, which is the dumping margin of Wanli Tire.